Alizin Solution For Injection (Aglepristone) 10 ml unwanted pregnancy in dogs


Alizin is used as an effective treatment of canine misalliance, for the termination of pregnancy in bitches up to 45 days from mating.

Alizin® contains 30mg/ml aglepristone and is available in single 10ml vials.

Aglepristone is a synthetic progesterone antagonist, effective on uterine progesterone receptors, with a relative binding affinity three times stronger than endogenous progesterone – thus providing effective competitive antagonism of progesterone and blocking the hormone responsible for implantation and pregnancy maintenance.

High efficacy over a flexible treatment period from 0 to 45 days post mating.
Two doses 24 hours apart (timing is important in its success).
Given by subcutaneously injection, at 1ml / 3kg, using a maximum of 5ml per injection site.

PRICE – £ 59.90