60ml Otifree Solution for washing and cleaning of the ear for dogs and cats


Composition In 100 ml: propylene glycol 40 g, emulsifier 5 g, calendula extract (calendula officinalis) 3 g, basil oil 0.28 g, purified water ad 100 ml
Description Otifree is used for cleansing an external ear canal of dogs and cats. It dissolves wax, dirt and thus reduces the amount of bacteria and yeast in the ear canal. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, moistens the ear canal mucosa and does not dry it. Use: 1 x weekly drop the solution vertically into the ear canal and massage the ear canal with your fingers to release wax. Soak up with cotton wool. It is not necessary do dry up the ear canal completely. If problems persist, contact your vet.

PRICE – £ 14.90