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Alamycin LA 300

Alamycin LA 300 Alamycin Injection is a long acting antimicrobial solution for injection containing 300 mg/ml of oxytetracycline. Indicated for the treatment of diseases caused by or associated with organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline in cattle...


Macrotyl-300 Tilmicosin 30% injection

Description Tilmicosin is a broad-spectrum semi-synthetic bactericidal macrolide antibiotic synthesized from tylosin. It has an antibacterial spectrum that is predominantly effective against Mycoplasma, Pasteurella and Haemophilus spp. and various...


Ovarelin solution for injection for cattle 10ml

Ovarelin 50 µg/ml solution for injection for cattle 10ml. Presentation A sterile aqueous solution for injection containing 50 µg/ml gonadorelin (as diacetate) for administration to breeding cattle. The product also contains benzyl alcohol 15 mg/ml...