Fortiflex 375 Advance Tablets / healthy joints in dogs /


Fortiflex Advance Tablets

Fortiflex is an entirely natural nutritional supplement designed to help maintain healthy joints in dogs and to keep cartilage as healthy as possible for animals suffering from osteoarthritis, hampers their movement and causing pain.

Chitosan of marine origin exerts protective effects on chondroitin sulfate in the digestion of the tablet. The combination of epigallocatechin gallate and inactivated yeast enriched selenium contributes to the strengthening of joints.

All of these ingredients contributes to the restoration of locomotor functions of dogs which contain:

375mg chondroitin, 375mg Chitosan plus, 37mg Green Tea extract

1 Tablet per 15-25 kg for up to 2 months

1 box / 30 tablets

PRICE – £ 22.90


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