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Leucofeligen FeLV/RCP vaccine for cats

Leucofeligen FeLV/RCP is a vaccine for cats. It is available as two vials, one containing a white powder pellet and one containing a liquid. The powder contains live attenuated (weakened) feline viruses: feline calicivirus (strain F9),viral...

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Purevax RCP

Purevax RCP lyophilisate and solvent for suspension for injection Uses Active immunisation of cats aged 8 weeks and older against feline viral rhinotracheitis to reduce clinical signs; against calicivirus infection to reduce clinical signs and viral...


Purevax FeLV suspension for injection

Active immunisation of cats of 8 weeks of age or older against feline leukaemia for the prevention of persistent viraemia and clinical signs of the related disease. Onset of immunity:2 weeks after primary vaccination course. Duration of immunity:1...