KILTIX 70cm (large dog) collar for fleas and tick protection


Composition Propoxurum 4.5 g, Flumethrinum 1.013 g.
Description KILTIX 66 cm collar for big dogs is a collar made of PVC, of the yellow collar, which is used as a protection from fleas and ticks (ecoparasitosis in dogs) Method of application> Take the collar out of the vacuumed package, unroll it and remove the connectors. Place the collar around the neck loosely on the neck, and pull the free end through the collar clasps and cut the overlapping end. The collar must not be too tight; space for two fingers must be left between the collar and the neck. The collar is intended for dogs from 3 months of age.. The collar is intended for permanent wearing. The time period of having the effect against fleas and ticks is up to 7 months. Contraindication: do not use for injured skin, in cachectic and ill animals. Treatment with other anti-parasitics is not recommended during the time of wearing the collar. Adverse effects: during several days after application of the collar itching can occur. Special caution: in particular cases during wearing the collar, the cases when ticks bite though, but they do not suck blood and they fell off within 3 days at the latest.

PRICE – £ 17.90


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