Tranquiline 35 mg/ml Oral Gel for Dogs


for extreme cases of travel sickness or short-term management of anxiety, or sedation. (It is also used in veterinary practices as part of an anaesthetic premedication.)

For oral administration

Dosage guidelines

1 ml gel contains 35 mg acepromazine – the dosage recommendation per 17.5 kg bodyweight is as follows, depending on the desired degree of sedation:

Indication Dose Dose volume Dog weight
Slight sedation 1.0 mg/kg 0.5 ml 17.5 kg
Sedation 2.0 mg/kg 1.0 ml 17.5 kg
Pre-medication 3.0 mg/kg 1.5 ml 17.5 kg

The product is filled into a 10 ml polyethylene syringe. The flanged plunger has a locking ring which should be adjusted to supply the volume required in accordance with the dosage guidelines. 1.0 ml intervals are printed on the syringe plunger, but the plunger is indented/flanged at intervals of 0.5 ml. A single turn of the locking ring will move the ring backwards allowing a dose volume of 0.5 ml to be expelled. Two turns of the locking ring will supply a dose volume of 1.0 ml. Three turns of the locking ring are required for a dose of 1.5 ml.

The syringe is brought into the animal’s mouth and the appropriate dose is expelled into the animal’s cheek.

The palatable gel can also be mixed with food.

1 syringe / 10 ml


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