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Veteusan mange , demodicosis, flea and lice control for Dogs and Cats

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Veteusan is an oil in water emulsion containing Crotamiton and has acaricide, antipruritic and bacteriostatic properties. It is successfully used in cases of mange caused by sarcoptes, psoroptes, chorioptes, notoedres and at the beginning stages of demodicosis, as well as for flea and lice control.

Mange is a contagious disease caused by different species of mites. They dig into the various layers of skin and lay their eggs there. An unstable immune system is a preliminary factor for the outbreak of the disease. The mite infestation leads to strong pruritus, the animals can´t stop scratching and automutilate their skin with their claws. Germs that physiologically live on the skin surface proliferate and lead to secondary pyodermia.

Crotamiton kills the parasites involved and at the same time limits the growth of the secondarily proliferating bacteria like staphylococcus and streptococcus. It also potentiates the effect of additionally used antihistaminic agents and adds to the antipruritic effect. With Mitex treatment pets and owners have quiet nights.

1 bottle / 100 ml

PRICE – £ 19.90


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